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Jose Castillo: Born in Chiriqui, Jose brings the experience of growing up in Panama to his roasting style - edgy and honest. Having world renowned coffee as a staple on the breakfast table every morning is a way of life for Jose, and with such a wide range of specialty coffee being common place, his expectation is for nothing less than brilliant in every single cup. Panamanians typically brew using simple techniques that celebrate the natural qualities of fresh, high grade beans. This has influenced Jose's roasting style, which focuses on preserving the full range of flavours at origin, bringing out just enough natural sweetness through the roasting process to make a lively brew that stands on its own merit.

Paul Varricchio: Being of European descent and with a family steeped in Italian tradition, Paul knows that coffee is more than a quick fix, but rather a key component of meaningful social encounters. With this cultural influence behind Paul's roasting style, he remains focused on exhibiting the comforting familiarity of rich chocolate and smooth caramel flavours. These are signature characteristics of his bold and luxurious roasts, designed to drink just as well as a single shot as they will a latte.